A simple PWA for displaying a conventions schedule https://bff-test-pwa-simple.sfner.com/
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Example plain HTML site using GitLab Pages.

Learn more about GitLab Pages at https://pages.gitlab.io and the official documentation https://docs.gitlab.com/ce/user/project/pages/.

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GitLab CI

This project's static Pages are built by GitLab CI, following the steps defined in .gitlab-ci.yml:

image: alpine:latest

  stage: deploy
  - echo 'Nothing to do...'
    - public
  - master

The above example expects to put all your HTML files in the public/ directory.

GitLab User or Group Pages

To use this project as your user/group website, you will need one additional step: just rename your project to namespace.gitlab.io, where namespace is your username or groupname. This can be done by navigating to your project's Settings.

Read more about user/group Pages and project Pages.

Did you fork this project?

If you forked this project for your own use, please go to your project's Settings and remove the forking relationship, which won't be necessary unless you want to contribute back to the upstream project.


  1. CSS is missing! That means that you have wrongly set up the CSS URL in your HTML files. Have a look at the index.html for an example.